5 Easy Healthy Pizza Recipes (CLEAN EATING)

Easy Healthy Pizza Recipes Clean Eating

Think you can resist easy healthy pizza recipes for clean eating?

Be honest… NO-ONE CAN!!

You can try to ask everyone, and you’ll find VERY FEW people who will tell you they DO NOT like pizza. Yes, this is how muck pizza is appreciated all around the world.


There’s a big problem…

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that classic pizza (USUALLY) is not healthy AT ALL!! And there are few reasons for that…

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First, the pasta itself if a bad thing. It’s high in unfavorable carbs, that can spick your insulin level and cellular inflammation.

Second, the ingredients you tend to put on top of the base, are NOT healthy as well.


Are all hopes lost with pizza?

Not a chance! Let me give something extraordinary to solve all pizza problem…

Easy Healthy Pizza Recipes [LIST]

It’s not a secret that we love to test to the extreme…

In our last experiment, we tested dozens of pizza recipes to unearth which are REALLY healthy and which are NOT.

The one you’ll find below are those that worked best for my athletes, who were able to perfectly stay in shape and to keep performances intact.

So if you are on a diet, and you want to indulge in some yummy pizza, these easy healthy pizza recipes are your go to.

Love them…

Chicken Pesto Pizza Recipe

Easy Healthy Pizza Recipes Clean Eating

FROM THE AUTHOR: I am clearly on the pizza train here, but I really can’t help it.

I made and froze two batches of my Italian pizza dough yesterday, and so of course it was the perfect reason for me to make one more pizza.

Yay for chicken pesto pizza for dinner on a rainy Tuesday! Seriously though, You’ve got to make the perfect grilled chicken from last summer to use in this recipe.

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15 Minute Easy Margherita Flatbread Pizza

15 Minute Easy Margherita Flatbread Pizza

FROM THE AUTHOR: When it’s time to eat I want quick, easy, and delicious and this is where this Easy Margherita Flatbread pizza comes in.

The other day my parents were visiting and my mom among other things brought me a bag of naan bread.

It’s delicious to eat just toasted, but next day come lunch time I decided to use it as the base for a flatbread pizza.

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FROM THE AUTHOR: Granted I used quite a bit of garlic for this roasted garlic spinach white pizza but when you roast garlic the flavor kind of becomes a lot milder.

Don’t be afraid of all the garlic in this recipe, well unless you don’t like garlic! I used Cascadian Farm organic spinach. I love their products.

They not only have organic fruits and vegetables but they also have granola bars, fruit spreads and much more.

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FROM THE AUTHOR: One of my favorite places to get totally amazing pizza is California Pizza Kitchen, aka CPK.

Ah-ma-gash I love that place. And my high school/college bestie Kelsi loves CPK as much as I do. We were regulars at the Provo location.

Pretty sure we kept them in business.

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FROM THE AUTHOR: Healthy, nutritious pizza bites that come together in just 15 minutes with only 5 ingredients!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect using a zucchini round as a pizza base. After all, carbs and I (particularly pizza crust carbs) have a love affair happening.

But little did I know that these zucchini rounds were an amazing substitute for all those heavy calories.

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One final and crucial note…

Avoid refined flour. Stay to the most “whole” flower possible. Or, even better, opt for some low GI alternative types of flour.

Also, homemade is key. Pick the best ingredients you can find. You’ll hardly succeed with the frozen pizza you find in the grocery store.

And yes, even if the frozen pizza is made by following of the above recipes.

With this in mind…

Totally go for it. LOVE as much pizza as you want!!

✅ In case you missed it, feel free to steal my 400+ Easy Healthy Recipes & Meals (BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER) to get the ABSULUTE BEST healthy recipes ever published online.

Always healthy,