400+ Easy Healthy Recipes & Meals (BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER)

Healthy Recipes

If you are looking for the ULTIMATE resource for healthy recipes, you’ve come to the right place. And here’s why…

The web is full of scattered articles and lists about healthy recipes and general healthy eating. BUTTT…

If you noticed it, most posts just CONTRADICT themselves. And it’s becoming HARDER and HARDER to REALLY find top-performing healthy recipes for weight loss and performance boosting.


It’s beacuse most people simply don’t know what “healthy eating” really MEANS.

They think they know, but they only base ALL their knowledge on theories and assumptions.

And this is where this article is different…

In the last 7 years, I’ve tested countless recipes with my athletes and ladies. That said, here you’ll find ONLY the recipes that worked BEST for us.

Nothing in this article is based on speculations. But only on PROVEN RESULTS.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into it…

ūüĒĒ¬†Anyway, before you start, I highly suggest you to BOOKMARK this page. This article may grow massive. You’ll not be able to reference it in one go. Not to mention that it’ll be UPDATED regularly.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Bother With Healthy Eating?
  2. Healthy Meals and Food [Don’t Lie]
  3. About Well-Crafted Healthy Recipes…
  4. What’s Special In These Healthy Recipes?
  5. What This Post Is Not?
  6. WARNING: Read This First (If You Want Results)
  7. Easy Recipes (3 Ingredients)
  8. Healthy Breakfast Recipes
  9. Healthy Lunch Recipes
  10. Healthy Dinner Recipes
  11. Healthy Snacks Recipes
  12. Healthy Salad Recipes
  13. Healthy Non-Salad Recipes
  14. Healthy Chicken Recipes
  15. Healthy Crock Pot Recipes
  16. Healthy Vegetable Recipes
  17. Healthy Soup Recipes
  18. Healthy Pasta Recipes
  19. Healthy Dessert Recipes

Why Bother With Healthy Eating?

Healthy Eating FunnySeriously? Do I really have to sell you on this?


But, just in case you need a little refresh, let me just give you 3 easy reasons WHY healthy eating is something you CANNOT afford to skip anymore…

  1. According to stateofobesity.org, adult obesity rates now exceed 35% in five states, 30% in 25 states, and 25% in 46 states (almost 1/3 of the population in US is obese).
  2. Talking worldwide, obesity has nearly TRIPLED since 1975. But NOT just on adults. Over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 are overweight/obese too. And the trend is uprising (ref. www.who.int and www.cdc.gov).
  3. Then, unfortunately, “weight gain” is NOT the only problem. Health diseases are on the line as well: Sleep Apnea, Cancer, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis, and only god knows what’s next…

Obesity Statistics InfographicStill, I believe you already know all of this. Don’t you?

Sure you do!! But let me ALSO tell you 1 thing you may NOT know…

And that’s, there’s NO time left… “It’s NOW or NEVER!!”

Healthy Meals and Food [Don’t Lie]

Healthy MealI know you may have been conditioned to think that healthy eating is not for you…

  • Maybe you are already overweight, and you believe there’s no way you can have your sexy body back with healthy meals. So why bother?
  • Maybe you have already developed a harmful disease, and you think you can’t revert it back. So why bother?
  • Or maybe you think that ALL food is contaminated, and that there’s NO WAY you can enjoy eating healthy. Nor healthy meal ideas. So why bother?

But let me tell you this straight: It’s all a LIE!!

Guess what?

  • Weight loss is just a walk in the park when you know HOW TO eat healthy.
  • Most diseases CAN be totally reversed (and those who can’t be reversed, can be managed very effectively with healthy food recipes).
  • Lastly, if you eat smart, even contaminated food will be able to fit into your healthy meals, without causing too much damage.

And this is where well-designed healthy recipes come into play…

About Well-Crafted Healthy Recipes…

Healthy RecipesBefore talking about healthy recipes (and getting into the real meat of this article), let me throw dirt on 3 BAD MYTHS around healthy eating:

  1. Healthy eating require TOO MUCH time (and my days are very busy).
  2. Healthy eating SUCKS (it taste like cardboards and sponges).
  3. Healthy eating is NOT CHEAP (perhaps I need to grow my own vegetable garden?).

So if you marry anyone of these “excuses”, let me touch on them in few words.

Just yesterday I had one of my best lunches ever. It consisted of just 3 ingredients: raw ham, stracchino and cauliflower. It took me 5 mins to put everything together. I cooked ONLY the cauliflower (which I bought frozen) with garlic, olive oil and origan. While the ham and the stracchino were already ready to be consumed.

ūüŹÜ Again, it took me only 5 mins to “cook” it, and everything costed me less than $1.

But the best part is that: It was VERY-YUMMY.

So if you are one of those people who just always try to find out excuses with healthy recipes… There you have it. I just proved you that it’s possible. That excuses are JUST excuses.

And if are still troubled, let me give you a massive list of healthy recipes to satisfy WHATEVER need you may have…

What’s Special In These Healthy Recipes?

Special RecipesIf you are not familiar with my posts, let me summarize in few words WHY you should trust the healthy recipes you’ll find here…

I’m a Black Belt Judo Sensei who trains top performing athletes increasing their performance, and help many ladies who attend my Dojo to engineer a furnace burning metabolism.

Said so, the fun part is that I’m nicknamed “The Mad Sensei“. Why?

Because I’m literally an experiment-making machine. In the last 7 years I’ve used my dearly beloved athletes as Guinea Pigs for my experiments.

I was in charge of their nutritional plans and (with their agreement) I heavily took advantage of my position as a trainer.

That’s why, the healthy recipes you’ll find here, are not based on pure theory, opinions or speculations…

But are based on pure RESULTS!

These are the recipes that worked BEST for us (my athletes, my ladies and I). Not even 1 of them has not been tested for at least 3 WEEKS.

This is what I call: Result-Driven Approach.

ūüŹÜ¬†These healthy recipes are my PROVEN way for weight loss, for balancing hormonal responses and for reverting many chronic diseases.

And if beauty is more important than health for you (which it shouldn’t), these recipes are ALSO my go-to for skin, nails and hair health.

With that said, let me tell you what this post is NOT, before listing the healthy recipes.

What This Post Is Not?

leave-this-post-SEEDThis post is NOT a HOW-TO guide to healthy eating.

Here, I’ll NOT explain WHAT “healthy eating” REALLY means. And here, I’ll not explain to you WHY these healthy recipes works so well (nor the basis of designing a powerful hormonal system balancing meal).

That’s because I have better posts for THAT, and I don’t want this post to become 10.000 words long.

This post is meant to be only a CHEATSHEET. It consists of proven and ready-to-make healthy recipes. Recipes you can implement right away and kickstart your success.

If you are interested in the theory of a well-designed meal (for healthy purpose), feel free to surf around Healthy Quickly.

WARNING: Read This First (If You Want Results)

Healthy Meals FoodYes, one second ago, I just told you that this post is NOT about teaching you HOW TO design healthy recipes. I know.

But, even if I’ll NOT give you an EXTENSIVE explanation on the WHY these recipes works so well, I MUST tell you about 2 critical mistakes you MUST avoid at all costs…

That’s because, if you are making even 1 of these 2 mistakes, it doesn’t matter how HARD you try to lose weight or to be healthy. You’ll just keep failing and failing.

Here’s the 2 deadly mistakes:

  • Mistake #1 -> Stay away from unbalance meals.¬†Thou shalt ALWAY balance proteins with carbs. Period. It doesn’t matter how healthy veggies are, if you don’t ALSO include proteins you’ll mess up you hormonal system, and this will make you gain fat instead of losing it.
  • Mistake #2 -> Stay away from unfavorable carbohydrate rich foods (foods high in GI). If you have diabetes you should know very well what this means. But, if you don’t, do a Google search to find a list of low GI foods (and STICK with them).

In conclusion, ALWAYS avoid these 2 Mistakes WHENEVER you design a recipe (or try one).

Alright, let’s move on… Here’s the time to talk about recipes…

Easy Healthy Recipes (3 Ingredients)

Easy RecipesWho else wants to start THE-EASY-WAY? Who else wants to CHEAT a little with easy healthy recipes?

If you think cooking is difficult, expensive and time consuming, take a look at these recipes:

Most of these recipes are pretty easy to make – YES, even if you are a man and you’ve never touched a cooking pan before ūüėČ

Just to give you a QUICK idea on how EASY is to cook a 3-ingredients meal, take a look at this video:

But you don’t EVEN have to “cook” to enjoy easy recipes. Here’s how to make 3 easy healthy salad recipes in less than 5 mins (without touching the oven):


BTW… Do you remember the lunch I told you I had yesterday? Raw ham, stracchino and cauliflower?

Well, believe it or not but it was even SIMPLER to make than the recipes you saw in the previous videos. Plus cheaper. Plus yummier (maybe).


Now that you’ve accepted the fact that healthy recipes can be both easy, inexpensive and quick to make, let me give you a full-month worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes!!

O yesss… A full-month worth!! (Snacks included).

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast RecipesHave you ever heard the saying: “Breakfast is the MOST important meal”?

Well, while this is a bit incorrect, as it’s the second most important one (first is dinner – and no one will ever be able to make me change my mind), sure breakfast is a CRUCIAL meal for effective weight loss and general health.

But what’s the difference between good vs. bad breakfast?

If you are interested in the answer of the question, feel free to read my previous post about the 5 Essential Healthy Breakfast Tips for easy fat burning.

But if you want to skip the¬†technicalities (for now), and start fast, here’re some healthy breakfast recipes that worked amazingly for us…

Once again, nothing complex here. All these healthy breakfast recipes are pretty easy to make (even those that require a lil bit of “cooking”).


If you love “sweet-type” breakfast, remember to NOT abuse sugar. It’s true that in the morning the level of sugar in the blood is lower, and that your metabolism can manag sweets better, but DON’T fall into the trap of thinking you can consume sugar non-stop. This will harm you BADLY.

The same goes for high GI foods (like cereals, coffee and amidaceous vegetables). High GI foods will raise the sugar level in the bloodstream (and so Insulin) as well.

So, for sweet breakfast, try to include some Protein Rich Foods to balance the meal.

If you love “salty-type” breakfast, you have an advantage. You are on the right track. All you need to pay attention to, is to balance Carbohydrates and Proteins.

A classic healthy breakfast (salty one) you may enjoy is the¬†Scrambled Egg Omelette. Look at this…


OMG!! Can it be tastier than this?

You don’t need to be as refined and high-tech as this guy to cook an omelette (Proteins) and to add some vegetables (Carbohydrates). But I hope you understand how easy it can be to design an effective and healthy breakfast.

Finally, if you are the tipical “black-coffee” guy/gal, make an effort to have a proper breakfast each morning. This alone will skyrocket your fat burning metabolism power.


Healthy Lunch Recipes

Healthy Lunch RecipesAfter breakfast, what’s next?

Sure… Lunch!! And so healthy lunch recipes!!

Once again, I know many people DON’T have proper lunches. Either because they have a busy schedule and opt for junk food to “speed-up” things, or because they BELIEVE they know what an healthy lunch is (while the simply DON’T).

But, in both cases, there’s a fix…

The following healthy lunch ideas will help you overcome most obstacles with your lunch (time, money and even taste).

So, here you have it, the top-rated¬†recipes (based on our tests)…

ARE YOU A SANDWICH LOVER?¬†Here’s a special note if you usually have sandwiches at lunch…

Sandwiches are MOSLY unhealthy (because of the way they are designed). So if you have a sandwich once in a while there’s no problem, but if you insist on having them day-after-day you need to keep these few tips in mind:

  1. Sandwiches and panini contains bread, which is high in unfavorable Carbs. That said, you have to stuff your sandwiches with good High Protein Foods to balance the meal.
  2. Please, opt for whole-grain bread AT-LEAST. This doesn’t make your sanwiches really “healthy” by any means, BUT it will make it a lil bit less Insulin inducing. Even better, do a Google search for the types of bread with the lowest GI (this alone is gold for your health).

Once again, sandwiches are usually NOT considered healthy food. But with few adjustments, they can become a little healthier. Still, I wouldn’t recommend you to abuse them each day.

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Healthy Dinner RecipesHere we go. Healthy dinner recipes, which I believe they are INDEED the most important meal of the day.


Because, in the evening, your metabolism is very weak. It doesn’t perform as good as in the early morning and it will take ALMOST double the damage if you don’t eat the right way.

Plus, while during the day you can fix any bad meal by eating something healthy few hours later, with dinner you simply can’t.

Meal is for the most past the last meal of the day. And after dinner, you go to bed.

So if you have a bad dinner, you body will keep suffering from damages until you wake up the next day.

Yes, you are damaging your body for more than 10 hour in a row (from dinner to next-morning breakfast).


So the solution?

Some easy dinner recipes… OF COURSE!!

Pay close attention to your dinners and have some good and healthy dinners like the following ones:

These healthy dinner ideas will give you a competitive advantage for sure.

Healthy Snacks Recipes

Healthy Snacks Recipes3 meals a day are not enough. Period.

Healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners are great, but in order to experience maximum health and weight loss results you MUST eat at least every 4-5 hours.

If you don’t eat every 5 hours, your body and metabolism will take damage. Said that, your body will engineer itself to assimilite more than it needs from the next meal (which is BAD).

So what the solution?

EASY!! Just have some snacks in-between meals.

YES… But here’s where it gets tricky. Because most “ready-made” snacks are simply unhealthy and they can sabotage all your weight loss efforts.

That’s why, to ease you from the frustration of finding out which snacks are good and which are not, I’ve compiled a list of top healthy snacks recipes (proven by our experiments).

Here’re the¬†healthy snacks recipes:

With these recipes, you can aim to 2x your weight loss results WITHOUT compromising your health at all. AT-ALL!!

Comming next are some targeted recipes for different needs. This includes salad recipes, chicken recipes, vegetables recipes and many more.

And if you love to indulge in pasta and desserts, you’ll have them as well ūüėČ

Healthy Salad Recipes

Healthy Salad RecipesHealthy salad recipes are always a classic one. They are one of the best healthy choices you have, and they can really help you engineer a fat burning body.


Most people simply get it WRONG with healthy salad recipes. And here’s why…

The majority, believe that eating salads means eating vegetables (and nothing else). That said, as many people can’t stand vegetables by themselves, they throw the sponge because their salad tastes like crap (pardon my language).

So let me tell you this straight: “Healthy salads CANNOT be just vegetables”.

Vegetables are mostly carbs, and low in proteins. So you’ll not get a balanced meal if you eat ONLY vegetables (unless you add tofu for example).

And, as a balanced meal is the key to skyrocket your fat burning power, if you eat ONLY veggies you are actually SABOTAGING your weight loss efforts.

In conclusion, always add some High Protein Foods (like meat, fish and light cheese) to your salad.

This will not only make your salad extremely healthy, but it’ll also make your salad EXTREMELY yummy.

With that said, here’s some of the best healthy salad recipes we found:

There you have it. Some super healthy salad recipes for salad lovers. But guess what…

In reality, I know many people STILL won’t like salads no matter what. And that’s why I decided to add a section about healthy recipes for salad haters.

Smart, right? Yes, I know ūüėČ

So next section is for you if, well, you are one of the salad haters…

Healthy Non-Salad Recipes

Healthy Non Salad RecipesIf you hate salads, to a point where you can’t even stand the name, let me give you some healthy non-salad recipes.

These recipes are perfect for lunch, but are also suitable for dinner.

To get these recipes, visit my previous post: Healthy Recipes for Salad Haters.

Healthy Chicken Recipes

Healthy Chicken RecipesChicken is one of the best protein rich foods (ASAP).

It’s for the most part lean meat, because it doesn’t contain unfavorable fat (animal fat is mostly polyunsaturate – which is not good).

So there’s no way I could not list some of the best healthy chicken recipes we use on a daily basis to improve weight loss results and to boost physical performances.

Here’s out top-rated recipes:

Make an habit to include chicken into your healthy diet.

Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Healthy Crock Pot RecipesAs so many people start moving from traditional cooking to crock-pot and slow-cooker, I decided to add some healthy crock pot recipes that we tested to work best.

In fact, slow cookers make eating healthy so much simpler for a lot of people.

It’s easier to mix and match ingredients and proportions, to design a well balanced meal. Plus, it’s also very easy to cook delicious meals this way.

Here’re the healthy crock pot recipes:

Try these healthy crock pot recipes, and be amazed by both the results and yumminess.

Healthy Vegetable Recipes

Healthy Vegetable RecipesThis section is mainly for vegetarians and vegans. Why?

Because NOT many people I know (except those that fall into these 2 categories) loves vegetable recipes. And this is a fact.

In a sense, I do understand them. Let’s face it… Junk food and fatty meat is way better in taste than veggies. But unfortunatelly they are HARDLY as good for your healthy!!

So, if love healthy vegetable recipe, you have an advantage over many of us. Because you can take full advantage from these Supreme Vegan Recipes for Dinner, that also work great on lunch – BTW (both vegetarian recipes and vegan recipes included).

In any case, don’t forget to add some high protein veggies too (if your meal lacks them).

Healthy Soup Recipes

Healthy Soup RecipesOne of my favorite section. I wouldn’t live without my dearly beloved healthy soup recipes.

Soups work astonishingly at dinner time, but you can also have them at lunch (expecially in the cold season). They help you burn fat like clockwork if you know HOW TO design a good one.

Also, they are a bomb of vitamins and minerals if you add lots of veggies to them. And this is a BIG plus.

If you are interested in healty soup recipes as well, these Healthy Soup Recipes for Weight Loss are just what you need. They are the best of the best, among all the recipes we tested so far.

An extra boost in health is something you ALWAYS need from time to time. And healthy soups are designed EXACTLY to help you with that.

Healthy Pasta Recipes

Healthy Pasta RecipesUsually, common pasta recipes are anything BUT healthy. They are high in unfavorable carbs (high GI) and they quickly raise Insulin (which destroys hormonal responses balance).

So, how can we design healthy pasta recipes starting from these assumptions?

You can do it, easily, in 2 ways:

  • First, add to your pasta lots and lots of high protein foods (to balance the proteins/carbs ratio).
  • Second, opt for AT LEAST whole-grain pasta (to lower the GI) – even better if you opt for non-conventional pasta types (like spelled pasta).

Here are some of the healthy pasta recipes that can give you positive results:

Once again, SUPER-IMPORTANT: Buy only low GI types of pasta and add ALOT of proteins (ex. rag√Ļ, tuna, shrimps, fresh bacon etc…). If you don’t do that, you’ll get OPPOSITE results. I’ve warned you.

Healthy Dessert Recipes

Healthy Dessert RecipesFinally we arrived at the most loved recipes among the vast majority of us. Yesss… Desserts are comming.

Desserts are the most tempting recipes above all, and I know hordes of people who would happily substitute all their entire meals with just desserts. But there’s one problem…

Desserts are USUALLY unhealthy!

And I say “usually” because, believe it or not, there are also healthy dessert recipes you can indulge from time to time.

The best healthy dessert recipes we experimente with, are:

‚õĒÔłŹ WARNING:¬†These dessert are NOT meant to substitute your meals. First have a proper and balanced healthy meal. Then, when you are already full, you can indulge in these desserts.

Conclusion + [FREE GIFT]

If you love to CHEAT even more with healthy recipes, visit my BONUS MATERIAL page.

Here you can find many CHEATSHEETS to kickstart your health and weightloss results starting from day 1.

Also, remember, this post will constantly be UPDATED as new recipes are tested (probably once every week).

ūüĒĒ¬†So BOOKMARK this page if you need.

Always Healthy,


P.S. I give you less than 3 weeks to see visible results with these recipes. Don’t believe me? Then try them… And let the results speak for themselves.

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